Soft Chem

Soft Chem

Soft Chem
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Characteristics & Main Applications
KLINGERsoft-chem gasket sheeting is 100% expanded PTFE, processed to produce a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with multi-directioned fibres. maintaining all the chemical resistance of PTFE. A soft, pliable yet very strong gasket with improved resistance to creep relaxation and cold flow compared to standard PTFE products. KLINGERsoft-chem is ideal for sealing uneven and damaged flanges. It is easy to cut and install and requires only low compressive load to seal on all flange materials. It is suitable for use in lid seals, general chemical processing, sensitive flanges (FRP, plastic), corrosive and aggressive media and flanges in poor condition. KLINGER®soft-chem is also known as softchem or soft chem.


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