Rubber Expansion Joints for Pipes

Rubber Expansion Joints for Pipes

Rubber Expansion Joints for Pipes

Series 300 Original Hand-Crafted, Elastomeric Expansion Joint

  • Absorbs motion and displacement between pipe flanges perfect for high shock and vibration situations

  • Prevents pipe buckling or fracture
  • Increases efficiency of piping systems
  • Features steel body rings held in place with exclusive ring enveloper system
  • Manages a high range of temperatures and pressures
  • Recommended for temperatures up to 300°F; Viton® tube/ cover will reach 400°F
  • Available for all general applications including severe and harsh environments
  • Engineered and built to specific customer requirements
  • Can be designed for full vacuum service

Series 320 Hand-Built Pressure Piping Expansion Joint with Tire Industry Technology

  • Holz 320 pipe expansion joint for high flow velocity and high abrasion conditions

    Greater performance than other expansion joints on the market because of the polyester tire cord and modified arch construction

  • Superior movement capabilities solve piping movement challenges without having to use long and expensive multi-arch products
  • Available in a filled arch which eliminates flow turbulence and the collection of suspended solids
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and safety compared to traditional hand-built expansion joints
  • Precise guidelines for pressure/vacuum capabilities at various temperatures
  • Recommended for high flow velocity and high abrasion conditions
  • Axial extensions, axial compression, lateral deflection, and angular movement

Series 320EZ Light Weight Expansion Joint (inventory stock item)

  • Holz 320 ez light weight pipe expansion joint

    Excellent movement in compression, extension, lateral, angular deflection and torsional movements

  • Light weight construction for ease of handling and reduction in freight costs, up to 50% less weight
  • Saves money and time by requiring a lighter anchoring system and less reinforcement
  • Lowest spring rates in the industry; Ideal for FRP Piping
  • Reduces stress load with lower reaction force and springs rates which saves money and time
  • Recommended for temperatures up to 225°F for Buna-Nitrile and 300°F for EPDM
  • Excellent pressure capacity for low, standard and most high pressure designs
  • Available in stock at 1 1⁄2” ID through 20” ID and standard face-to-face dimensions with retaining rings

Series 320M Molded Expansion Joint (inventory stock item)

  • Holz 320 molded pipe expansion joint

    Molded piping expansion joint results in a nicer finished product than hand-built products

  • Greater performance than other expansion joints on the market because of the polyester tire cord and modified arch construction
  • Available materials: Nitrile, EPDM, Teflon-Lined
  • Available in a variety of sizes, 1 1⁄2” to 20” and 24” to 72” diameter, standard face-to-face dimensions
  • All sizes will achieve a full vacuum and are supplied with ANSI150# drilled flanges
  • Recommended for temperatures up to 300°F

Series 980 Floating Flange Rubber Expansion Joints

Holz Pipe Expansion Joints for Piping

  • High-versatile engineered expansion joint suitable for most application including high pressure, vacuum, corrosive, and/or vibration situations
  • Includes single arch floating flange (Series 981), double arch floating flange (Series 982), and double arch threaded union (Series 983)
  • Meets/exceeds the Fluid Sealing Association requirements for Standard Class 1, Series C
  • Allows for expansion, contraction, lateral and angular movement of a piping system
  • High movement-to-length ratio
  • Temperatures range from 14°F to 275°F

Series VD1000 & VD2000 Vibration Dampeners Expansion Joint

  • Holz Vibration dampeners pipe expansion joint

    Non-metallic vibration dampeners reduce vibration and noise in connecting pumps, compressors, and other operating equipment

  • Ideal for installation on discharge and suction side of pumps where turbulence issues or full vacuum service is needed
  • Construction provides an extra thick elastomeric tube, high strength polyester fabric and spiraled steel wire reinforcement and full-faced integral flanged ends
  • Multiple compounds available to address abrasive, chemical, heat, or other severe service conditions

Series 800 Molded PTFE Expansion Joints

Pipe Expansion Joint

  • Spool type flexible couplings designed to compensate for movement and abate noise in severe corrosive environments such as chemical processing, petrochemical, pulp & paper manufacturing, and waste water applications
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, or 5 convolutions in a wide variety of operating pressures and temperatures
  • Available sizes from 1 I.D. – 12 I.D.
  • Flanges are ANSI standard 150 lbs.
  • All Holz PTFE joints include built in control rod units with lock nuts to prevent excessive axial elongation


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