A highly versatile product that adds a new dimension to compression packing reliability and performance.

Made totally from WL Gore & Associates’ highly developed GFO® yarn – combining the benefits of ePTFE, graphite and high temperature lubricants – this cross-plaited packing offers the ideal balance between density, resilence, strength and durability.

Typical applications
Valves and pumps handling aggressive chemical media in the petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation and metallurgical sectors  –  as well as potable water, and steam at up to 260°C.


  • WRAS approved for use with cold and hot potable water up to 85°C.

Prime features

  • Extended service life – by up to 400% in harsh environments.
  • Well proven with aggressive media.
  • High thermal conductivity for cool running.
  • Low coefficient of friction and minimal shaft wear.
  • Very good start-up and emergency running characteristics.
  • Non hardening.

Chemical properties
Compatible with media in the range pH 0-14 including steam, but excluding strong oxidising agents such as aqua regia, fuming nitric acid, oleum, and molten alkali metals.

Service capabilities – valve stem duties
Maximum temperature:      +260°C.
Minimum temperature:        -100°C.
Maximum system pressure:  8MPa.

Service capabilities – centrifugal pumps & rotary equipment
Maximum temperature:      +260°C.
Minimum temperature:        -100°C.
Maximum shaft speed:          22m/s (refer to James Walker for duties up to 28m/s).
Maximum system pressure:  1MPa.

Service capabilities – reciprocating pumps & rams
Maximum temperature:      +260°C.
Minimum temperature:        -100°C.
Maximum rod speed:             1m/s.
Maximum system pressure:  8MPa.
(More severe duties can be sealed with specially designed arrangements).

How supplied
Ex-stock: all popular square sections from 3mm to 25mm, in boxes containing 8m. Selected sections available in 2m maintenance packs. Also supplied as split preformed rings and sets. Full fitting instructions are included.


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