Lamons is excited to announce the introduction of a new gasket design ideal for heat exchanger vessels, reactors or standard flanges where thermocycling is present. Lamons CorruKamm™ technology is a revolutionary new design that provides the benefits of a kammprofile technology with the additional attribute of recovery that is desired to offset flange relaxation and unloading.

The Lamons CorruKamm™ resembles a typical kammprofiled sealing element in that it utilizes a heavy substrate capable of extreme load bearing properties. The dramatic feature that this design incorporates is a precisely located corrugated pattern which greatly enhances the ability to deflect and compress under load This creates a scenario in which the gasket will be more forgiving where perfect alignment and parallelism do not exist.

The base core material is very thick and resembles what is used with traditional kammprofile technology. This added substrate thickness, with an exacting corrugated pattern allows the gasket to recover substantially and maintain very stable load bearing characteristics. A kammprofile incorporates a specific serration pattern on both sealing surfaces that do not relate in any way to the opposing sides. The CorruKamm™ technology utilizes a geometry on the sealing surface that is machined rather than formed. These corrugation profiles are strategically aligned so that deflection can occur and maximum resilience and recovery can be achieved.
Contact your Lamons Branch or Lamons Engineering Department for more information on the Corrukamm™ family of sealing products.

For more technical information about Lamons CorruKamm™ Gasket click here.


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