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Characteristics & Main Applications Premium gasket material for use with acids. Resistant to a wide variety of agressive chemical environments. KLINGER®SIL C-8200 is also known as C8200.

Material Specialist grade based on a blend of fibres with an acid resisting binder

pT Diagram 

The Klinger pT diagram provides guidelines for determining the suitability of a particular gasket material for a specific application based on the operating temperature and pressure only. Always refer to the chemical resistance of the gasket to the fluid. &nbsp

1. In area one, the gasket material is normally suitable subject to chemical compatibility. 2. In area two, the gasket materials may be suitable but a technical evaluation is recommended. 3. In area three, do not install the gasket without a technical evaluation. Always refer to the chemical resistance of the gasket to the fluid.

Click to Download Technical Data Sheet Click to Download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Dimensions of the Standard Sheets Sizes: 1000 x 1500 mm, 1500 x 2000mm Thicknesses: 0,5 mm, 1,0 mm, 1,5 mm, 2,0 mm, 3,0 mm; other thicknesses and sizes on request. Tolerances: thickness ± 10%, length ± 50 mm, width ± 50mm

Function & Durability The performance and service life of KLINGER gaskets depend in large measure on proper storage and fitting, factors beyond the manufacture’s control. We can, however, vouch for the excellent quality of our products. With this in mind, please also observe our installation instructions.

TA-Luft (Clean Air) certificate acc. VDI 2440 – Download PDF Germanischer Lloyd certificate – Download PDF


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